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What’s Up Wednesday: August 2017

I am starting to find my groove with blogging again and I’m looooving it! Ever since taking the pressure off of myself to have “certain types” of posts, I feel a lot more joy when it comes to writing. Even if this blog only ever becomes a fun place to document our lives and share with my few blogging friends, that’s fine by me! Today I’m here to share about our month for What’s Up Wednesday! What  ...


What’s Up Wednesday: June 2017

It may be a day late but I thought I’d join in for What’s Up Wednesday especially since I haven’t been blogging too often lately. I was debating on not doing it again this month because ever since we moved in with my mom I haven’t been taking many pictures. But I decided that a post with fewer pictures is better than no post at all. ๐Ÿ˜‰ What We’ve Been Eating This Week Lots of meals made by my mom. This was  ...

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What’s Up Wednesday: April 2017

This is my fourth What’s Up Wednesday post in a row! I haven’t missed one yet this year and I am loving that. I love looking back over the month and recapping it. It always puts where we are into perspective. Below are the questions that we answer every month: What weโ€™re eating this week: Funny you ask because next on my to-do list is to make a meal plan for our last week in our apartment. So honestly I’m not sure exactly  ...


What’s Up Wednesday: March 2017 Edition

Happy Wednesday friends! Today I’m linking up withย Shay, Shaeffer, and Melย for What’s Up Wednesday. Come join us!   What We’re Eating This Week We splurged and went to Shake Shack after church this Sunday and it was so. good. We’ve been eating lots of fun things this week, including these homemade Starbucks chocolatey chip frapps! Also so delish! I also made homemade fried rice this week! We just picked up a  ...


What’s Up Wednesday: February 2017 Edition

Hi friends, I’m back again this month for What’s Up Wednesday! I really cannot believe it’s already the end of February. It went soo fast. Let’s recap the month! ๐Ÿ™‚ This post contains affiliate links. What We’re Eating This Week Lots and lots of soup. It’s kind of weird timing because the weather is finally getting warmer but it’s still not too warm for some yummy soup! I had the meat ingredients in  ...


What’s Up Wednesday: January 2017 Edition

Hi friends! I know that this is very similar to my currently post yesterday, but I’ve been wanting to get back into posting regularly for What’s Up Wednesday so I’m going to start this month (and try not to duplicate too much information from yesterday), and continue on with this series every last Wednesday of each month. What weโ€™re eating this week: This past week has been a lot of bad eating habits, but in our defense it  ...


What’s Up Wednesday – October Edition

I just discovered that What’s Up Wednesday is still a thing and I’m so excited! I haven’t participated in What’s Up Wednesday since Aprilย – ps I also know it’s not Wednesday but whatevs. Better late than never! What we’re eating this week: To be completely honest with you I haven’t cooked once this week. I’ve been pretty tired when I came home from work, so twice we went out and another  ...

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What’s Up Wednesday (or Thursday) April Edition!

I’m going to go ahead and apologize now for not nearly enough pictures in this post. I’ve been really busy and haven’t really thought much about taking pictures lately but I’ll make due with what I’ve got. What’s Up Wednesday is my favorite linkup and even though I technically missed it because today’s Thursday, I still want this all documented so here goes… WHAT WEโ€™RE EATING THIS WEEK Every  ...

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What’s Up Wednesday: March Edition

Friends, I made it back to my blog this week. I know I haven’t been gone long but I’ve really missed sharing my life with whoever may be reading my posts. SO MUCH has happened over the past two weeks. I don’t even recognize my life as it’s changed so drastically. Tommy and I both started new jobs last week – me on Monday, him on Tuesday. It’s been so very awesome but has come with it’s challenges as  ...

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What’s Up Wednesday: February

I feel like lately my blogging has been basically just me writing about what is going on in my life and hasn’t been any real deep meaningful posts. I really love writing the deep and meaningful posts that could really help someone but I just can’t seem to get the words out about the things that God is teaching me lately. Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to sort through the mess in my head and give you guys a quality post ๐Ÿ™‚  ...