Am I the only one that has ever questioned whether or not they were considered a “real” adult? I mean what happens if you pay for your own car, pay for all your own bills, but still live with your parents? Or what if you live on your own but still are attending school? I’d say both of those situations qualify for the “real” adult title but how do we really know? We’re considered “adults” when we turn 18 but most of us are still in high school at that time and we still aren’t allowed to drink alcohol. So when do we cross over that line- the line of being considered an adult into the “real” adult category?

The moment I realized I had actually grown up and was a “real” adult happened quite recently and I don’t know if I am happy or sad about it. The moment I realized that I had entered into real adult territory was when I bought myself a watch. I know, I know, not exactly what you thought I was going to say I’m sure but honestly who wears watches? Adults….. lol. When did I become so old? Just last year I was stillΒ in college- sure I had a full time job but I hid behind the “student” part of my identity so I didn’t have to face the fact that I was an adult then but there isn’t anything left to hide behind. Except maybe the fact that I’m living at home still?

Being a real adult is actually something that I have honestly always wanted. I’ve always been very independent and haven’t enjoyed relying on others. I’ve always been hoping and dreaming of the time of my life when I was a “real” adult and didn’t have to rely on anyone else at all. I mean I technically haven’t reached this stage completely- I still live with my mom. I still can’t wait to move out completely and be able to afford my own apartment but for now this is the only thing that I can’t yet do on my own.

But anyways- if you’re wondering if you reached the level of a “real” adult, just ask yourself have I bought myself a watch yet? Or maybe someone has bought it for you- then they must feel that you’ve reached the level of “real” adult πŸ˜‰

What do you consider being a “real” adult? When do you remember crossing over that line and what triggered those thoughts? Or maybe you haven’t crossed over that line yet- what do you think will cause you to feel like yes- now I’m a real adult?

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