T.G.I.F! This week was a looong and hard one but definitely a productive one so I’m really happy now that I’m at the end of it. I have so much to share this week – I’m so excited.

Five good things from my week:



Tommy and I joined a community group through our church a little over a month ago and it’s been hardΒ to get ourselves there every week. We are both very introverted and have a very hard time putting ourselves out there but this week was amazing. We both really opened up and really learned what true community of a group of Christians is supposed to look like and I’m so happy about it. ALSO I PRAYED OUT LOUD FOR THE FIRST TIME. I’m still in shock myself.


Wedding update: We ordered our invitations! We seriously love them, they’re so cute. My mom’s cousin knows how to do calligraphy so she said she’ll address them for me so I’m excited about that too. We also booked our engagement session photo shoot for March 19th and I’m so excited πŸ™‚ (and also kind of nervous).


I have another interview on Monday for a job that would be just perfect. I’m really hoping I get it but also realizing that having a few months off of work wouldn’t be terrible either so I’m trying to be okay with either. It’s for a position that I would be doing basically what I’m doing now but making 5 more dollars an hour so that would be wonderful obvi. Prayers are definitely appreciated.



Tommy and I have been sticking to our meal planning this week after a terrible weekend and Monday off. I was really discouraged in the beginning of the week because we hadn’t had time to meal plan or shop for food over the weekend because our engagement party was on Sunday but once Tuesday hit I was determined to get up back on track. It was definitely rocky to start, I was really tired from a full weekend but we’ve done pretty well under the circumstances. We’ve also worked out twice in a row this week and have plans to go to the gym again tonight. This might not seem like much but for us it’s huge. We normally talk about going to the gym like all the time and never follow through but since it was the start of a new month I was determined to make this month about getting into gear with working out and eating healthy since the wedding is only about 2 1/2 months away! Sorry for that ramble train I just had to get that all out haha.


engagement party

I almost forgot with everything else going on this week that we had our engagement party this past Sunday. I want to do a post just on that but I need to get the pictures from Tommy’s mom. It was so fun to have all our friends and family in one place celebrating with us. It’s really cool to see everyone so excited for us. Both of our mom’s threw the party and cooked, and made decorations and everything. It was awesome.

So yeah that was my week. I don’t want it to seem overly glorified though because even though it was a great week, it didn’t come without it’s struggles as well. The beginning of the week was just HARD and getting ourselves to the community group was also very HARD but I believe God rewards those who are obedient and I’m glad we pushed through the hard and have made progress. How was your week? Was it an easy one or difficult like mine? I’d love to hear.

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