This is something that I struggle with on most days if I’m honest. I’ve gone through some tough things throughout my life and sometimes I blame God for allowing these things to happen. I mean don’t get me wrong I know “logically” that God is good. I am completely thankful for the fact that Jesus died for me. It’s such an amazing truth, but sometimes I struggle with really grasping that truth and keeping it in my heart.

I notice that the times I’m struggling with this truth I tend to look for my happiness elsewhere. A lot of the time it’s either in my boyfriend or just in having a comfortable life. Sometimes I think that if I do the right things or am “good enough” God will allow my wishes and dreams to come true. Other times I deceive myself and realize that I am living for my own dream and think that once I’m married I will finally be happy.

How wrong I am.

Good things come to us because God is good and He loves us. True happiness comes from believing that.

We truly do not deserve any good thing that we have. This is something that I am trying to remember more and more. I notice the more time I spend with Jesus the easier it becomes.

What about you guys? Does anybody else struggle with this and if you do what are some tips to help me to stay on track and get my identity solely from God?

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