Hi guys, I’m sure no one has been wondering where I’ve been, BUT if you have I’ve been, I’ve been Β here…


Lake George, New York. It’s been so much fun and I’ve been super busy which is why I haven’t posted at all this past week or so. I just thought I’d recap my vacation and let you all know what I’ve been up to.

So my boyfriend’s family has been going up to Lake George every year for as long as he can remember. This year I was lucky enough to join them for a few days. My boyfriend and I drove up Saturday night and stayed until Wednesday night because I had to work today and tomorrow. Our days have been packed full of fun stuff so I thought I’d just recap each day so I can try to remember everything we did.


Tommy’s parents had a wedding to go to so they weren’t up at the lake yet but his brother was. On Sunday we woke up kind of late because we didn’t get there until pretty lake Saturday night. We went shopping for some food and things that we needed at the store, then hung out at the public beach for the day. At night we stayed in and watched some Friday Night Lights on Netflix (our new fav show we watch together).


Sunday night I had researched a cute coffee shop to go to the next morning and I found one called “Cafe Vero” so on Monday morning we went out to breakfast there.

I’ve never seen latte art before this so I thought that was pretty cool. I got a peppermint mocha latte and it was delish. Tommy parent’s got there while we were out to breakfast. We all went down to the beach and hung out. We got to float around on the tube, lay in the sun (my fav), play ping pong and just hang out with Tommy’s family. At night we went out to a cute little Italian restaurant. We got to eat outside, it was really nice. Tommy and I were planning on going down to the beach to hang out by the fire but we both passed out when we got back from dinner. We had a long day πŸ™‚


On Tuesday Tommy woke up early to go wake surfing (see picture below) while I slept. (He’s the morning person obvi). I woke up when he got back and we headed down the beach again to hang out. I got to try wakeboarding for the first time – which was really difficult. I almost got it but will have to try again next time.

We also went fishing on Tuesday and I caught a small mouth bass (woohoo!).


One of our plans while we were up at the lake was to go hiking so we did this Wednesday afternoon. I was hoping we would get a nice view of the lake but it was kind of hard to find trails or really know what they looked like before we picked one. The one we picked was a cool one though and wasn’t like any of the hiking trails we normal do in New Jersey. We hiked near this cute little lake:


After we went back and hung out with his family at the beach again before we had dinner and drove home.

It was an awesome little trip and we decided were going to drive back up Friday night and spend the weekend up there too. It’s a nice little getaway and is super relaxing. God has been showing me lately how awesomely good He is and reminding me that he really only wants what is good for me and that I do not have to be afraid because He’s always with me. This trip really reminded me just how blessed I am. I have the greatest boyfriend who always showing that he loves me, and I’m so thankful that he wanted me to be apart of this vacation.IMG_6001

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