Hi friends, just wanted to drop in today and share about the details of Tommy’s wedding ring. I actually found it on Pinterest and loved the idea. I ended up showing Tommy and he loved it even more.

So the place we ordered it from is called Spexton. They custom make each ring, which to me is perfect because it makes it so special. The rings aren’t mass produced somewhere, making the chances of Tommy having the same ring as someone else very high.

The customer service is really awesome too. They strongly advice you to order test rings before placing your order for the final ring because they want it to fit perfectly. They send you 3 test rings and help you find the correct fit and once you have that you can place the final order knowing that your ring will fit perfectly.

Right now Tungsten is super popular for men’s wedding rings and while Tommy’s is black it’s made of Black Zirconium. The video explains why Black Zirconium is better to use than Tungsten because Tungsten isn’t originally black – it’s painted black which means that the paint and chip or be scratched off. Black Zirconium is just heated up which alters the nature of the metal and it changes to black, which will not scratch off. So to me that makes this a really quality ring.

The ring from above is Tommy’s exact ring and I think it’s awesome and so unique. Tommy’s actually interested in metals because he is in training to become a welder and he thinks knowing the process of how his ring was made is really cool, which makes this all so much greater.

So yeah, that’s the many details of Tommy’s ring (and no they didn’t pay me to post this I just love it that much). The only downfall is that it takes a month to come inΒ once you place the final order but that’s okay because we still have 104 days until the wedding haha!

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