Hi friends! I just wanted to drop in and share what’s going on in my life this weekend! I mentioned how Tommy learned how to surf this summer and he mentioned afterwards how he was thinking about buying a wetsuit so he could still surf when it got colder, since he learned how to surf at the end of the summer. I surprised him with a little getaway trip a few weeks ago to Ocean City, Maryland that I had found on Groupon and bought him a wetsuit!

So since I had off today since it’s Veteran’s Day I booked the trip for this weekend so we could have a long weekend away. 🙂 We left around 9:30 this morning and arrived in Ocean City around 3. Now were just relaxing, which we plan to do for most of the weekend. Also on the agenda: visiting as many coffee shops as our budget will allow, dinner + a movie tomorrow night, and surfing at Assateague Beach! There are wild horses on Assateague so I’m really excited to visit there tomorrow.

So just thought I’d drop in and share what’s going on for me this weekend. What do you have going on this weekend? Did you have off this Friday too?

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