I have never done a post like this before and I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about it but I was SO busy this weekend and I really feel like documenting this.

f r i d a y

Friday night wasn’t anything special. I had a busy week and all I really wanted to do was rest so that’s what I did. Tommy was over and we probably watched Gossip Girl or something – I honestly don’t remember exactly what we did.

s a t u r d a y

The rest of the weekend was insanely busy. Saturday I slept in because I was up too late Friday night. Afterwards I went with one of my bridesmaids to try on her dress at David’s Bridal!

bridesmaid dresses

Tommy came over after he got out of work and he brought me flowers for our 14 month anniversary and they are so gorgeous 🙂 But anyways, we then ordered from our favorite restaurant, Roma’s and it was delicious.


We then went and looked at our first house to buy! Tommy’s aunt’s a realtor and she took us to see a house about a half an hour away from mine, which was super exciting. There were a few things wrong with the house that I’m not sure that we would be able to get passed – one being that we have to share a driveway with the neighbors (sorry what?). But anyways we learned what our next steps are and we’re going to keep looking.

s u n d a y

Sunday was another day full of activities. We woke up early and I had made a bargain with my brother to come to church with us on this day. It was my birthday on the 22nd of January and I told him instead of getting me a present I wanted him and his girlfriend to come with me to church. They planned to come this Sunday that just passed and it made me so happy to have them there. God showed up powerfully and I know what was said in the sermon impacted my brother and it made me so happy. If you don’t go to church but are curious what I might believe I would encourage you to check out any of the sermons from my church here – my church just reads through books of the bible and explains them in depth and helps us to walk closer with God. It’s a great church and I’m so happy to be apart of it.

emergence sermon

After church we headed home for a while and Tommy and I had our second session for premarital counseling at 2 on Sunday. Phil, our premarital counselor gave us a book called Preparing for Marriage: Discovering God’s Plan for a Lifetime of Love. I’m really excited about this book and it has already helped Tommy and I repent of the ways we weren’t honoring God and has brought us closer to where we should be and closer to Jesus. It’s going to be intense but I’m excited and a little nervous as well if I’m being honest.

preparing for marraige

Afterwards we were supposed to go to Tommy’s grandma’s to make ravioli’s with her but it seems we overbooked ourselves and our premarital session took longer than we expected so we didn’t make it in time to make ravioli’s but we did go over her house for dinner.

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