Hi friends. I’ve been thinking a lot about wanting to write a post for the past couple of weeks but watching Netflix or sleeping normally win. I guess since it’s been a while I’ll do sort of a “life update” post.

I mentioned that I was struggling with anxiety in my last post and since then it has gotten SO much better. I did a lot of reading and growing and realized that I need to (try) my best to let go of control of my life and just let God do what is best for me. (Not like I can stop him anyway lol.) I just try to remind myself that He IS good and that He has brought me this far and cares about me so I do not have to worry. I’ve been consistently reading my bible the past two weeks also and this probably has helped with this a ton.

I started reading She’s Got Issues and I can already tell that it’s going to be amazing. I have already grown from just reading one chapter. I have learned a lot about myself. If you don’t already know, I am currently working at a temp job and it has been really trying me. I’ve been expected to do A LOT and am not getting compensated for doing any extra and it’s probably all just for them to let me go at the end of the project. I was working up to 47 hours a week sometimes, trying to gain approval and in turn have them hire me permanently AKA controlling the situation. I also think this had a lot to do with my anxiety as well. I was over working myself. This book helped me realize that I needed to let go and let God control the situation and after two weeks of not doing any overtime and still feeling very stressed out from the work demands, I have decided to look somewhere else where I am permanent and have room to grow in the company and have my hard work pay off. Your prayers would be much appreciated. 🙂

Also, my cousin and her boyfriend came to church with us this past Sunday and it was awesome. Her boyfriend has never really gone to a church like we go too and it as really excited to bring him there. My cousin also hasn’t been to church in a while either so I was so happy. I’m praying that the things that they heard will take root and grow.

I think I am finally “used to” being married. I can’t believe that it hasn’t even been three months yet though. I sort of feel like we’ve been married for at least a year. We’ve gotten to know each other so well and it has gotten a lot smoother than when we were first married lol. It definitely takes time to get to know how someone is when you live with them. For example, sometimes since I am an introvert I just need some me time. I get home from work after Tommy so there isn’t any time when I am just in the house alone. Tommy had to get used to the few times when I would just not want to talk or wanted to read and realize that I wasn’t mad or upset with him but really just didn’t have anything to say at that time. It’s really new living with someone and can be challenging at times but if you keep in mind that this person is yours forever and you have the privilege of living and serving them for the rest of your life then it puts things into perspective when they leave their clothes on the floor again. You can see those things as an opportunity to love and it helps so much.

Welp this post has been pointless but I hope you guys have like hearing about my boring life these past two weeks. What have you been up to?

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