It may be a day late but I thought I’d join in for What’s Up Wednesday especially since I haven’t been blogging too often lately. I was debating on not doing it again this month because ever since we moved in with my mom I haven’t been taking many pictures. But I decided that a post with fewer pictures is better than no post at all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What We’ve Been Eating This Week

Lots of meals made by my mom. This was supposed to be the last week that we were sharing a space with my mom so I was enjoying all of her cooking before being left to take on that responsibility on my own again. It turns out we will most likely be here for another week however though. Womp Womp.


What I’m Reminiscing About

Living in our old apartment! If you guys remember, it was a tough move for me. I really did not want to leave because that space was perfect for Tommy and I. I seriously cannot believe that it’s been two months since we moved out though. I was thinking about just how awesome that little space was for the year that we lived there just the other day.


What I’m Loving

That I finally opened my Etsy shop! I was planning on waiting until I had more items to sell but life got in the way and it was taking longer than expected so I decided to just open it with the items I do have done! If you’re interested in either of those blankets, check out my Etsy shop here! You can also follow along when new items are added to shop on Instagram here.


What We’ve Been Up To

Nothing too much! We did a lot of weekend traveling this month so we are trying to stay home more lately to save some money. We are patiently waiting to move upstairs and start unpacking though!


What I’m Dreading

Nothing really! Just not knowing when exactly we will be moving into our own place. We have to wait for the tenets to move out and they are waiting on the closing for their house. I’m praying, hoping, and wishing it will be sooner rather than later.


What I’m Working On

More Etsy shop items! This is the baby blanket from above just in girl colors! I have a few other projects started as well but not yet finished.


What I’m Watching/Reading

I have beenย slackingย like crazy on reading. I’ve been in the middle of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for a few months now. I also just started Wild and Free by Hayley Morgan and Jess Connolly. I’m only one chapter into it but I’m excited to keep reading.

Tommy and I also are watching New Girl on Netflix and we seriously love that show. It’s just so funny and perfect for watching right before bed.


What I’m Listening To

Honestly nothing haha. I’m not really too into Podcasts just because I don’t know of any good ones. Send me all of your recommendations though!


What I’m Wearing

Lots of track shorts and t-shirts honestly. It’s been pretty hot here so I’ve been dressing nice and comfy. ๐Ÿ™‚


What I’m Doing This Weekend

We are dog sitting for Tommy’s parents this weekend and they have an awesome backyard with a super nice pool. We will probably be spending our days out by the pool and enjoying a house to ourself for a change!


What I’m Looking Forward To

There is some HUGE news headed to the blog next week so stay tuned for that! I’m super excited to finally be able to talk about it here. ๐Ÿ™‚

So that’s all for this month – told yah there weren’t many pictures. We really aren’t up to too much other than enjoying our slow-paced summer and the launch of my Etsy shop. What’s new with you? Come link up with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

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