So guys, I dropped the ball last week and forgot to take a bump shot for our bumpdate. So I decided to just skip this week and combine weeks 23 and 24 together next week. Today I want to share with you about our babymoon we went on about a month ago. It was really such a great vacation!

We went to Wildwood, New Jersey this summer for vacation because both Tommy and I love the beach. We decided to consider this our “babymoon” because it’ll be our last vacation before baby arrives! We went from August 10th through the 15th. It was a pretty low-key vacation, considering I was 19 weeks pregnant but it was honestly so much fun. I am honestly terrible about taking pictures while on vacation so there aren’t many but I will do my best to recap what we did.

Day 1: August 10th

We left early on this day to get down to Wildwood early enough to enjoy the day. We probably left around 7 or 8 am and got down there before noon. The drive is about 2 1/2 hours without traffic and since it was the middle of the week, we didn’t hit any! The first day we went food shopping and unpacked in our room. We spent a little bit of time at the beach and relaxed.


Day 2: August 11th

The next day we woke up early, had some breakfast then headed to the beach! (As you’ll see we did every morning. 😉) We ended up having really nice weather. It wasn’t too hot, but also not too chilly either and most days we had a decent amount of sun. Around lunch time we would head back to the room and eat and then relax for a while.

As you can see in the picture, the beach in Wildwood is super long and pretty far away from the hotel. Being pregnant and having to pee a lot meant having to walk back to the hotel at least once before lunch. We clocked it once and it was about a mile walk from the hotel to the beach and back so if I went back just twice during the day, I was walking 3 miles. This made this pregnant lady quite tired after lunch so I usually took a nap every day haha.


Day 3: August 12th

On the third day we started out the day the same as every other day: we woke up, ate breakfast, and spent some time at the beach. On this day we got to go on a nice little date night! It was such a nice time we got to spend together.

We went to Wildwood last year and went to this amazing Italian restaurant and loved it so much that we decided to go back this year. So that’s where we went for dinner and it was such a nice night.


Day 4: August 13th

I believe this is the day that it rained all morning. I do believe that it cleared up by the afternoon and we were able to spend a little time on the beach still. We didn’t mind the rain too much either because it happened to be Harry Potter weekend this weekend! Since Tommy and I don’t have cable at home and love the Harry Potter movies, we were super excited to have discovered this. We spent a lot of time watching the movies on the rainy day, plus each night before bed too.

Also, on days we spent at the beach we did a little bit of reading as well. It’s one of my favorite things to do at the beach!


Day 5: August 14th

After lunch on this day we rented beach bikes and rode around for a while! This was honestly super fun and now we talk about buying bikes together so we can do this more often (plus baby next year!). Beach bikes are just so much more fun than regular bikes too.


Day 6: August 15th

We had to check out by 10 am this day and it happened to be raining again so we decided to head home a bit early. We had a really nice drive home and were so excited to be reunited with our little puppy! This was the first time she had been away from us since we moved her in and she went a bit crazy while we were gone. I had my cousin watching her and while my cousin left for a few hours, Noelle panicked a bit and scratched up a few things in the house. It wasn’t too bad though and we were super happy to see her again when we got home.

I included my bump shot from this week as well. It’s crazy to see how much has changed already since then! My belly is so much bigger now!

Our babymoon was such an awesome trip and we both can’t wait to bring Baby Zin to the beach next year!

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