Hi friends! 🙂 Today is another installment of my wedding pictures. If you are interested in seeing the others, or you missed a week, you can check those out below those below:

This week I wanted to share our family pictures. I think these came out so nice and I’m excited to share with you guys. 🙂

My Family

My Mom, Tommy, Me, My Grandma, My Grandpa, and My Brother Dylan

My Grandparents!


My Mom

My Brother (Whose eyes are closed in 80% of all the pictures, haha!)

My Dad

Tommy’s Family

Tommy’s Parents

My Brother-In-Law Michael, Tommy’s Dad, Tommy’s Mom, Me, Tommy, My Sister-In-Law Diana, and My Brother-In-Law Nick

That’s all of ’em! Now we only have the Reception Pictures and Decor Pictures, and to end off the series, our Honeymoon Recap! It’s so fun to go back and relive this day through these pictures. Hope you are enjoying following along as well. 🙂

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