Hi friends. I just wanted to start out by saying thank you so much for all of the support you guys have been giving me lately, especially since my last post about chasing my dreams. All of your comments really mean so much to me so thank you! Today I want to continue on for the fourth week sharing our wedding pictures! (Hopefully you aren’t tired of them yet! ;))

Today I’m going to be sharing the pictures of just Tommy and I that happened right after we got married. We were tossing up the idea to do a first look, and even wrote letters to each other (which you saw in the last wedding post, Getting Ready) but we actually ended up running out of time and didn’t end up doing the first look. I wasn’t disappointed or anything and it all turned out fine, but if you are considering doing a first look I would say go for it. I think it helps a ton because it saves you time after the ceremony because you will cut out a lot of picture-taking.



I thought I’d better end the post now before it became overkill, haha. Now I’m wishing we could go back to that day. I can’t believe next Wednesday it will have been 9 months ago. Time just goes so fast!

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