Hi friends! I’m back again for Friday Favorites. The past two weeks have been an adjustment since we no longer have our own place until July 1st. We are currently living with my mom for a couple of months. But nevertheless there are still good things to be thankful for even during this time.

Friday Favorites

o n e

We get to live with puppies again! I had a dog (Noelle, the one on the left) who I wasn’t able to bring with me when we got married because our apartment didn’t allow it. But now we get to live with her and the other dogs my mom has and it’s been so fun!

t w o

Tommy and I made Philly Cheese Steaks last night for dinner and they were AMAZING. I almost took a picture and then I don’t know what stopped me but let me know if you’d be interested in a recipe for them. They were so, so good!

t h r e e

I’m one week into our Online Bible Study and am seriously loving the study. It’s opening my eyes to just how much we need Jesus and how he really is the only thing that will satisfy our souls. If you want to learn more about what I learned, check that out here.

f o u r

I don’t have a picture for this one but my cousin is getting married tomorrow! I’m so excited to drive down to Maryland and watch him get married. We are staying in a hotel overnight tomorrow night too and I’m super excited for a night away with Tommy.

f i v e

I thought I’d share with you guys a sneak peek on my next Etsy listing! It’s the boy blanket I made, but in girl colors! Loving how these are turning out. Follow along with me on Instagram for the big launch soon!



What have you been up to this week friends? I’d love to know. Linking up with these lovely ladies below.


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  • That blanket is absolutely beautiful! And yum, Philly cheesesteaks!