Before I even start this post I need to warn you guys, I 100% completely neglected my goals last month. Moving in with my family and only having a tiny room instead of an apartment to ourselves really proved to throw off every little bit of my motivation.

Even though we still have one more month before we get to move upstairs to our own apartment again I have a better feeling about this month. (At least a little bit!) My motivation is back a little bit and I’m excited to make some new goals.

May Goals Recap

  • Celebrate Branden + Sarah’s wedding!
  • Meal plan well this month
  • Continue drinking plenty of water
  • Be active with Tommy
  • Spend more time in God’s Word
  • Read every night before bed
  • Celebrate our ONE year anniversary!

I told you guys it was bad!! I really didn’t even want to post a recap this month but I did for the sake of being real and knowing that other people have bad days as well.

Attending my cousin’s wedding was super fun despite how cold it ended up being that day. We also stayed overnight at a hotel in Maryland, which is always fun if you ask me.

We celebrated ONE whole year of marriage last month! I wrote a post about my reflections on the past year. You can check that out here if you missed it. 🙂

June Goals

  • Get back into consistently reading my bible + praying
  • Go on plenty of hikes
  • Take a few beach trips
  • Go on a weekend getaway with Tommy and my family up to Lake George
  • Get caught up on bills
  • Read more
  • Plan one year photoshoot
  • Write 1-2 blog posts a week
  • Finish crocheting blanket

Let’s see if I can do a little better this month than last month! What are your goals this month?

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  • Happy June! I’ve seen May as a tough goal month for lots of bloggers I follow – I think it was a busy month for many! Here’s to a fresh start in June though, right?

    • That’s comforting to know! And yes, that’s exactly my thoughts: here’s to a fresh start! It’s already been a better month!

  • Laura

    Being flexible with these goals is important! I didn’t meet many of mine either -and decided to keep my list for June short too – but I’m focusing on the fact that I made it through the month. And that’s what counts =)

    • Thanks for the encouragement Laura! It definitely helps to know I’m not alone on the struggle bus! 😉

  • I agree, smaller goals are definitely easier to focus on for sure! And also sometimes easier to see if we met them! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂