As many of you already know, I got married 10 months ago (to the day!). As many of you also know that planning a wedding is no joke. We were only engaged for about 6 months so we had to be very diligent with our planning. There’s just so much that goes into planning a wedding, and when it’s your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. (Or about as close to perfect as you can get!)

One of my favorite parts of planning our special day was picking out, and making our wedding decor. We purposely picked a venue that was very limited on what it provided so that we could plan all the details ourselves. (Also so we could find the cheapest options too!) So since I spent countless hours planning exactly how our wedding was going to look, I was obviously very attached to all of those decor items after the wedding. The idea of getting rid of, or even just storing them in my closet where they were out of sight just didn’t sit well with me. I loved all of our decor and especially wasn’t done with using it since we had only done so for one day!

So what’s a girl to do when she has all of her wedding decor and a new empty, undecorated apartment?ย Use her wedding decor for home decor, of course! And I loved it so much that even after I put away our winter decor this month, I brought back out our wedding stuff as home decor yet again. I still love it so much, and even more so now because it reminds me of our wedding! I wanted to share some pictures and ideas of how I did this and ways that you can too if maybe you’re about to get married and are wondering –ย “What in the world am I going to do with all of this stuff?!”

How To Use Your Wedding Decor As Home Decor

1 | Display Any Banners + Wedding Cards

  • Use a long string (I used twine), and hole punch each corner of all of your wedding cards and string through and hang as a banner! I would suggest a thick string otherwise the cards may not hold and slide down into each other. The twine worked perfectly. I actually left these cards up all year round because I just love seeing them and being reminded of the people who gave them to us.
  • Hang any banner you used at the wedding on your wall! I made this “Love Is Sweet” banner for our dessert table, and I think it looks so cute under the cards.
  • If you happened to use Silk Flowers in your bouquet like me, use them as a centerpiece on your dining room table! My mother-in-law actually made me the vase as well (it looks like my wedding dress) so that was perfect to hold them in, but any vase will do.


2 | Hang All Of The Signs

  • If you had any signs that would work in your home, hang those as well! We had this cute coffee bar sign at our wedding, and needed more space because we don’t have much counter space, so I bought this cute little coffee cart and hung the sign above.


  • Similar to the last tip, that wood sign was also used at our wedding and works perfectly next to our kitchen sink to give the kitchen a little bit more personality. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • One of my favorite signs from the wedding.


  • You can even hang the back of your seat signs on the wall!


3 | Hang/Display Your Guest Book (if possible)

  • If you haven’t gotten married yet, a suggestion is to opt for a guest book that can be displayed in your home somewhere, rather than a guest book that will sit on a shelf. We bought this one off of Etsy (as we did with most of our decor), and there are so many other variations if this type doesn’t fit what you’re looking for. They also have globes, or my brother and sister-in-law bought a foam pumpkin because they got married in October, and had everyone sign that. This is an awesome option because you can always read everyone’s best wishes so easily in your day-to-day life.


4 | Use Smaller Items On A Bookshelf

  • The flowers on the top are bridesmaid flowers. This is obviously only an option if you used silk flowers, and if one of your bridesmaids are willing to let you keep their flowers. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • We used our unity candle as decor on this shelf as well.
  • The flowers on the middle shelf were from my “throw” bouquet. (Also the same as the ones our flower girl had.)
  • I’m not going to list every item, but everything besides the candy jar on the top shelf, are from tables we had used to decorate from the wedding. If you have a lot of smaller items like this, either buying a bookshelf to decorate or making one like this one (out of stained crates), they are perfect for adding a little bit of wedding to your home.


If you are interested in seeing our wedding pictures, you can check those out below. Many, if not all, of these items and how we used them for the wedding can be found in the lastย post, Decor Pictures + Details.

\\Did you use your wedding decor as home decor? How did you do it? Am I missing anything?


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  • Mary Leigh

    These are really great tips! I saved a lot of our decor and still use it (vases, candles, etc) and I’ve even let others borrow some of those things in their own weddings and events!

    • Hi Mary! Thanks for the encouragement. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really appreciate your comment! That’s actually such a great idea, to let others use the decor for their own wedding! I love that. I don’t think any of my friends are married actually so I will definitely keep that in mind when they start to get engaged. ๐Ÿ˜‰